Here is The Official Statement From Kiss Daniel’s Lawyer

In regards to the ongoing feud between Kiss Daniel and his former record label “G-World Wide”, Kiss Daniel’s lawyer has released a statement concerning his contract relationship with former label.
Read below.

  1. Kiss Daniel did not walk out of his contract. He only terminated it
    as he is permitted to do under the contract. Is it now a sin for a party
    to exercise a right expressly conferred on him by law/contract? Is it
    the fault of Kiss Daniel that the contract has a termination clause that
    allows Kiss Daniel to terminate the contract? We should bear in mind
    that the contract was drafted by G-Worldwide Entertainment. Kiss Daniel
    scrupulously followed the provision of the contract. It is unfortunate
    that people are mixing this case up with that of other artists running
    away from a contract they signed. No! This is different. This is a case
    of an Artist insisting that the contract signed by the parties must be
    obeyed and enforced. Kiss Daniel is firm believer in rule of law and due
    process. This was why it was Kiss Daniel that went to court first.
    People should not confuse a case of properly terminated contract with
    cases of ill-advised artists who angrily walked out of their contract
    without following the laid down procedure under their contracts. Kiss
    Daniel’s case is a well thought out act. It is an exercise of right
    granted to him by the contract between him and his label. What do people
    want from Nigerian artist? If they don’t employ lawyers, people
    criticize them. Now that Kiss Daniel has employed one of the best I.P.
    law firm in Nigeria with a Professor of I.P. and a Senior Advocate of
    Nigeria (SAN), people are still calling him names for acting in
    accordance with his contract! When Artist don’t obey or assert their
    rights under their contracts, people abused them, yet the same people
    are abusing Kiss Daniel for obeying and enforcing the Termination Clause
    provided in his contract! Na wa o. This is not a Kiss Daniel’s fight
    alone. This is a fight for all Nigerian artists except we are saying
    only artists must obey and comply with contract but record label are
    free to do as they wish?
  2. Finance: Why is G-Worldwide afraid to grant Kiss Daniel unrestricted
    access to his account and books as provided by the contract? The whole
    relationship between a record label and an artist is about making money
    and sharing it. Finance and money is the crux of the matter. G-Worldwide
    did not sign Kiss Daniel because they love his face. They signed him
    because they think he can make money for them. And there is nothing
    wrong with that as long as they play by the rules. The only offence
    commented by Kiss Daniel was his effrontery/impudence by daring to ask
    his record label to render account! Kiss Daniel through his lawyer L
    & A – Legal Consultant appointed a firm of Chartered Accountant to
    inspect and audit G- Worldwide Entertainments books and account in
    respect of Kiss Daniel’s project as provided by the contract between the

Immediately the request was made, all hell was let loose. Why will a
Record Label be afraid to allow their Artist to inspect their books of
record? Especially, when the contract between the parties was drafted by
the same record label and the contract contains a clause which
specifically provided that the Record Label shall keep all accounts and
shall allow the Artist or his representative unrestricted access to
inspect and make copies of the records. See clause 7 of the contract
between the parties which provide;
“Company shall maintain proper accounting books and or records at its
principal office, in relation to revenue generated, or expenditure
expended in the course of the performance of this Agreement. Such books
and or records shall include, but shall not be limited to, any documents
or records which evidence the receipt and or disbursements of royalties
and other monies generated in the course of the performance of the
The Artist shall, at any time during the term of this Agreement and
upon prior written notice to Company, Artist or his/her designated
representative shall gain unrestricted access to inspect the books and
records of the Company relating to this Agreement and shall be entitled
to make copies thereof.”
Based on above, Kiss Daniel’s lawyer wrote to G-Worldwide on the 18th of July 2017 saying thus:
“This is to inform you that in accordance with the Recording Contract
between the parties, our client wishes to send his Accountants (WYZE
Associates) to inspect/audit his accounts with your client.
Kindly confirm your convenient date from next week when the Accountants can come in for the inspection/audit.”
Of course they failed/refused to respond to the above email and only
responded on the 25th of July 2017 (after several reminders) saying:
“I somehow missed your initial email. Apologies. I will discuss your
request with my client and will revert with a response before CoB

Nigerian Artiste – Kiss Daniel
As usual, they failed to respond on the 26th of July 2017 as promised
and Kiss Daniel’s lawyers had to send another reminder by way of email
and telephone call before they finally responded on the 1st of August
2017 saying:
“Regarding the date for the “audit”, can we agree on a date in late
August or early September? An earlier date will not be ideal- Emperor
Geezy is getting married on Saturday and will be unavailable for some
time after the wedding (for obvious reasons).”
And Kiss Daniel’s lawyers responded by saying:
“It is our understanding that we are dealing with a company (G-World
Entertainment Ltd) and not an individual. Therefore, the unavailability
of Emperor Geezy would not affect the audit. Please note that the audit
will only involve G World Accountants and our Accountants. Therefore,
the presence of Emperor Geezy is not very important at this stage. In
view of the above, we can schedule the audit to an earlier date. Kindly
confirm when our Accountants can come for the audit within this week or
next week.”
Is G-worldwide Entertainment Limited a proper record label? Is it a
proper limited liability company? Or is it merely a one man show without
corporate structure, office and supporting staff? Can anybody name the A
& R officer of G-worldwide Entertainment Limited?
Anyway, G-worldwide Entertainments Limited responded by creating a
new excuse when they stated thus in their email of 4th of August 2017:
“While the company is happy to assist your client’s accountants with
their audit request, unfortunately due to ongoing activities involving
the relevant company’s personnel, the time proposed by you will not be
convenient for the company (whose assistance you require to carry out
the audit).
In the circumstance, we suggest that we should agree on a day in the
last week of August for the audit exercise. We will wait for you to
propose a specific date during the said period for the audit.”
Even though it was clear to Kiss Daniel and his team that G-worldwide
Entertainments Limited was trying to frustrate the inspection/audit,

went ahead to conceded to the end of the month proposed by G-
worldwide Entertainments Limited and sent them a mail on the on the 7th
of August 2017 saying:
“Our accountants will be available on 28th and 29th August 2017 for
the audit. Kindly confirm that the dates. Also confirm your client’s
Again, G-worldwide Entertainments Limited failed/refused to confirm
the dates for the inspection or the venue as requested and after several
reminders they only on the 28th of August 2017, which is one of the
dates fixed for the inspection and agreed to the 29th of August 2017 for
the said inspection/audit. Thereby giving Kiss Daniel and his team less
than 24 hours’ notice and which means the audit can only be done in one
day instead of two dates proposed. Of course, any experience person
knows that such audit can hardly be completed in one day. It was all a
grand design to frustrate the audit.
Unfortunately, when the inspection/audit finally held, Kiss Daniel’s
Accountant was denied unrestricted access to the “books/records” in
clear breach of the unambiguous provisions of clause 7 of the Contract
(as posted above). Kiss Daniel’s Accountant were surprised that Label
did not come to the venue of the inspection/audit with any physical
books, receipts, invoices e.t.c. but only brought a mere laptop! And
even refused to allow Kiss Daniel’s Accountant to make a copy of the
said “books/records” contrary to the contract. It was also discovered
that the representative sent by G-worldwide Entertainment Limited and
who brought the laptop is not an accountant and did not know anything
about the transactions recorded in the laptop. He could not answer any
of the questions/queries posted to him by Kiss Daniel’s Accountant.
Based on the above breaches (failure to allow unrestricted access and
to make copies of the books of account as provided in clause 7 of the
Record contract), Kiss Daniel’s lawyers gave G-worldwide Entertainment
Limited 14 days’ notice to remedy the breach as provided by Clause 16 of
the Contract and when they failed to do so within the 14days, the
Artist through his lawyer proceeded to terminate the contract as
provided in clause 14.2 of the contract, which provides that:

“Either party may terminate this contract by written notice to the other at any time if that other party:
(a)commits a breach of this contract and, in the case of a breach
capable of remedy, he fails to remedy the breach within fourteen (14)
days of being required to do so in writing.”
Unfortunately, when Kiss Daniel’s lawyer gave G-worldwide
Entertainments Limited notice of the breach on 11th and 19th of
September 2017, G-worldwide Entertainments Limited failed and refused to
cure and remedy the breach within the 14 days allowed by the contract
and Kiss Daniel was forced to comply with the contract by terminating it
as required by the contract.
This termination therefore was not only in obedience to law and the
contract between the parties but was also a self defence by Kiss Daniel
to prevent “baboon dey work, monkey dey chop”. Why is G-worldwide
Entertainments Limited afraid of rendering accounts? Should Kiss Daniel
continue to work under G-worldwide Entertainments Limited and receive
whatever was giving to him without allowing his accountant to audit the
books? Is it an offence for an artist to enforce the rights granted him
by the contract drafted by the Record label?

  1. Contract or Slavery? This is the same label that forced Kiss Daniel
    to perform few days after his father’s death and while still in the
    village trying to give his father a befitting burial. They put money
    first. They insisted he must interrupt his father burial rites and must
    perform or they will crush him in the industry.
    This is the same Label that was paying Kiss Daniel only 30k and later
    50k per month for about two years despite Kiss Daniel’s performing at
    several shows and making millions of naira for the label within the same
    period! Yet, Kiss Daniel never create any noise or scandal. How many
    Nigerian Artist can tolerate for so long what Kiss Daniel has endured
    without creating any scandal?
  2. Is G-Worldwide A Record Label? What is the main characteristic of a
    record label? One of the main duty of a record label is to advance money
    to the artist for purposes of recording. Yet the so called record label
    does not pay advance and as never pay advance to Kiss Daniel.

The so called record label did not pay a penny (kobo) towards the
recording of all songs in the alleged album, “Evolution”! The songs in
the alleged album include already released hits like “sofa”, “Yeba” and
several others. No payment of advance, no payment for studio sessions or
productions generally and yet G-Worldwide are shamelessly laying claim
to songs produced singlehandedly by the Artist. He is indeed a patient

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