Negative Lifestyle That Will Destroy Your Music Career

There are certainly things you must not do if you want to be successful in building a successful music career.

Sacrifices must be made to ascertain success.

So many music artists have lost flare for their career along the way, due to certain negative things they’ve indulge their selves into from the onset.

Let’s take a look at few but vital things that may destroy a music career.

1. Relying on people to help you get your breakthrough:
One big mistake Artists make is putting their destiny in the hands of other people. The music industry is quite competitive; yes we know.

But buying your way through it might end you up into depression if it doesn’t work out the way you thought it will be.
Know that industry people must deem you worthy of success for you to have value as a musician.
Also, do not   cling to the belief that all the answers are “out there” somewhere and out of your control.

2. Inability to accept criticism:
A lot of artist don’t want to be corrected. One thing that you must note is that you can never be successful in life without criticism. You need it so you can grow you weakness and build a successful you.

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3) Turning Marketing and Promotion Into a Huge Burden:
If you want to be successful, you must try to have what it takes to “sell yourself” and reach more fans. Some artists esp. Nigerians wouldn’t spend a dime to promote their songs, why because they have been whistled with a specific mindset that they might be scammed. But truth be told “There is no gain without pain”.

As an artist, promoting yourself shouldn’t be a huge burden to you unless you allow yourself see it that way. How else do want people to hear you, if not through marketing yourself and letting them see what a talent you are.

Stop recording too many songs and playing them only to yourself.

4) Using Lack of Time, Money and Connections as Your Biggest Excuse:
Stop using money as an excuse on promoting your music. It is not by finance, but by consistency and meeting the right people.

Also try to devote time for your music career, set time for your rehearsal. I know there are things that you also enjoy doing like watching movies, playing football, flirting with girls/guys, etc. I am not saying, you shouldn’t do those things, but let them be minimal. Prioritize your music career to any other form of entertainment.

These are just few but important lifestyle you should inculcate if you want to be successful in building a blossom music career.

Feel free to add your reviews using the comment box below.

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