2Baba Endorses Demmie Vee, Calls Him His Successor

When 2Baba hit the music industry Many years ago, the earbuds of
music lovers was greeted with a never before seen type of sound. From
vocal serenation, to lyrical depth and delivery, 2Baba ruled the
industry to a legendary status.

And as the indefatigable 2Baba
gradually rescinds to a king-maker status in the industry, many have
wondered who is next in line to fill his big shoe. The answer may
however not be far-fetched as the pop legend has been recently parading a
rather new act named Demmie Vee.

No doubt, 2baba is not
one to jump on collaborations with upcoming and untested acts. The
mostly notable and rare collaboration he ever had with an upcoming act
was his duet with Solidstar, many years ago in the song, “One In A
Million”. Infact, any one who has been observant enough would have
realized that in the last two years, the legend has greatly
soft-pedalled on collaborations and has been selectively available.
Even, many of today’s established young acts still find it a major
hurdle to track down 2baba for a collaboration.

with Demola Awotungase better known as Demmie Vee, it was interestingly a
different case. This new kid on the bloc has been enjoying massive
endorsement from 2baba and as our investigation revealed, has released
not only one song, but three different tracks with the golden legend so

The first released track from his several studio
hobnobbing with 2baba brought about the airwave hit, “Awesome God”, a
pop inspirational track that can lift anyone from the inertia of defeat
to a sunny and hopeful outlook to life.

Sources at another
recent studio session where 2baba and Demmie were spotted working on a
new track revealed that 2baba was so delighted with Demmie Vee’s
delivery, charisma, personality and style that he couldn’t help but
declare the young dude as his successor. The added advantage for Demmie
we learnt is the fact that he is also a very amazing producer!

Demmie is signed to HND (Hope Never Dies) Records, a different label,
the love between 2baba and his new favorite golden boy continues to wax
stronger even as 2baba continues to mentor the boy for a successful
musical career.

The “father and son” have recently been seen
together at places ranging from events to clubs. Demmie Vee recently
stunned all, when he gave a stunning performance at the Eargasm concert
at the Eko hotel.

Did we also tell you that “Love Me Tender”,
a love ballad by Demmie Vee was one of Marvis’ favorite tunes that was
constantly played by Big Brother in the just concluded Big Brother Naija
lifestyle reality show? There are several videos on instagram about
this, one of which we will bring to you soon. Marvis is seen singing to
Demmie’s song passionately.

Aside that, the “Love Me Tender”
fever is also gradually been spread globally with several dance groups
in different parts of the world creating their dance versions to the

In coming months, weeks and even days…. we can’t wait
to see what the future holds for this young dude particularly what he’s
got to offer lovers of mature music. Only then can we know if we have
truly found a 2baba Successor or not.

Watch Demmie Vee and 2Baba in a studio session below


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