Waje’s ‘Freedom Story’ Will Make You Tear Up

Waje featured
Nigerian singer, Waje whose vocal range covers three octaves participated in the remake of P-Square’s “Omoge Mi” and featured as the female voice in the duo’s 2008 hit track “Do Me”.
Waje recently took to Instagram to share her #FreedomStory. #FreedomStory is a hashtag created by freedom foundation in a bid to transform lives in various communities.
Read Waje’s story below;
‘I could have been that commercial sex worker with no hope for the future, living in the slum and wondering if the next STD I contract would end my life BUT because of the opportunity given to me, I have become an award winning vocalist and songwriter and a voice for generations, leaving an indelible mark in the music industry and my country.This is #MyFreedomStory
Together we can transform more lives in our communities.’
Waje freedom story