I don’t mind if my wife cannot cook – CDQ

The other time, a renowned clergyman
stepped out to point out the necessity of being a good cook to qualify
as a good wife. Many arguments were stirred on social media as a result
of that, as many girls argued that being a good cook does not
necessarily make a woman a good wife. And that a woman can be a good
wife but doesn’t know how to cook. A majority of guys, however,
maintained that a woman must know how to cook before they can marry
our rapper brother, CDQ seems to be seeing things from a different
point of view, as doesn’t seem to mind whether or not a woman is a cook
before he can have marital dealings with her. According to SodiqAbubakar
Yusuf a.k.a CDQ, his prospective wife cannot cook. And he also said
that culinary skills don’t come up in the qualities he looks out for in a
woman. This was made known in an interview with Accelerate TV. In his
don’t see it as criteria for a man to marry a woman. They say it’s
tradition that a woman must know how to cook. But the way I am, though, I
don’t mind. I don’t care whether she knows how to cook or not.” Now, we
all know where CDQ stands in that matter. Guys in the house, do you
stand with him?
credit: ekimi.com 

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