VIV'S STORIES: My Class Teacher Episode 14 - ISONG BEAT

VIV'S STORIES: My Class Teacher Episode 14

My Class Teacher
Episode 14

Guy: oga you sure that boy go still come?

Tony: why won't he come when his sister is here?

Guy: he fit live her here sha.

Cynthia: Elvis can never live me here, am sure he's thinking of how to get me out or he already planned it.

Tony: he can't try anything girl so shut your mouth!

Cynthia: whatever.

Guy: see this girl o.( he had wanted to slap her when when Tony stopped him)

Tony: live her alone, let her run her mouth.(just then they heard a knock on the door and one of the guys stood up and opened the door and saw two boys standing there)......

Guy: what do you want?

Boy: my name is Johnson and this is my brother Favour, our friend told us to come to this house and wait for him.

Guy: that's not possible, am sure he must have given you the wrong address.

Favour: no he didn't, this is the place.

Guy: what!?

Tony:(comes out) who are you people?

Johnson: you're already here?

Tony: who?

Favour: you nah.

Tony: throw this kids out please.

Favour: if you touch me ehn!

Tony: meaning what nah?

Johnson: abeg move jhor let me pass.

Guy: una wan die?

Johnson: na who go kill us?

Guy: live this place. ( they started struggling with each other and before they knew what was happening, Elvis appeared with his friends and they were pushed out of the way while he went and untied his sister, Tony wanted to run out when George pushed him and he fell down.)

George: am so sorry sir.

Tony: you're even with him?

George: i don't support evil Sir or should i say Tony!

Tony: just wait till i get back to school.

Elvis: no need for that, the owner of the school said that you should not near her school or any other school, if you do, you'll be arrested for sexual harassment.

Tony: how did she?

Elvis: didn't i warn you?

Tony: you think this will end here?

Elvis: it has already ended!

Tony: i didn't want to do this with a kid but you pushed me!(before they knew what was going on, he picked up a pen knife beside the table and stabbed Elvis with it, it happened so fast, no one knew that it was coming, Elvis fell to the floor while they ran to help him, and Tony ran out.)

Cynthia: Elvis please don't stop breathing.

George: we have to take him to the hospital, the blood is too much.

Cynthia: yes let's go before it's too late.

George: let me carry him.(he squat down and they dropped him on his back and then ran out of the house looking for a nearby hospital.


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