VIV'S STORY - My Class Teacher - Episode 4 - ISONG BEAT

VIV'S STORY - My Class Teacher - Episode 4

My Class Teacher
Episode 4

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The next day, Elvis had told his friends that Anita was there neighbor, they didn't believe him and said that they would go home with him to find out,just as he was about to tell them no, a Junior student came in and told him that the headmistress wanted to see him, he got up and went to answer the woman, when he got there ,he greeted her and she replied his greeting and then asked him.

Headmistress: when are you going to pay your fees?

Elvis: ehn?

Headmistress: you didn't finish your payments last term and i just let you off like that.

Elvis: i know that ma but you know my mum is trying her best.

Headmistress: i know she's trying her best but dear we run this school with money, am giving you two weeks to pay up or else noone will ever let you into the school, it's because your father is no more, that's why I've been living you.

Elvis: I'll find a way to get the money.

Headmistress: good you can go now.

Elvis: thanks ma, (he turned and left the office.)

Elvis had lost his Dad when he was in jss2, after battling with illness, he gave up, and since then his mother has been trying her best to raise her children.

He had just gone a few miles away from the office, when he met Anita, he was lost in thoughts, so he didn't notice her, she then called out his name.

Anita: Elvis!

Elvis: what?(turns immediately)

Anita: what's wrong?

Elvis: nothing.

Anita: you can't greet?

Elvis: i didn't know you were there.

Anita: you look like you're bothered about something.

Elvis: wait, who told you my name?

Anita: am your teacher!

Elvis: okay then.

Anita: anyway what's wrong?do you care to tell me about it?

Elvis: I don't know.

Anita: if it's something you can't tell me, then it's okay.

Elvis: can you help me out ?

Anita: with what?

Elvis: why don't we go to your office, please?

Anita: okay.(she unlocked the door and they went inside)

Anita: so what is it?

Elvis: please help me with ten thousand naira.

Anita: ten what?! Why?

Elvis: i need to pay my fees.

Anita: can't your father do that?

Elvis: my father is not alive, it's just my Mum.

Anita: so sorry, i didn't know.

Elvis: it's okay, can you help me out?

Anita: okay i will, on one condition.

Elvis: what condition?.

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