Police to Ban 2face’s planned protest

It is so disheartening that a government that came into
power through series of protests does not want to entertain any protest. The
way and manner the governing party reacts towards any planned protest is not
the best in any Democratic setting. I could remember during the last
administration, there is barely no policy of the then government that wasn’t
protested against, but now the Protesters of yesterday are the oppressors of
today. The level of hunger in the land is alarming, the people can no longer
predict the price of commodities in two days’ time. The economy is down, various unwarranted
industrial actions has crippled the educational sector due to nonpayment of
salaries and other emoluments.

The other day, the governor of Oyo state came out publicly to say there is no
big deal in closing down a university for 8months,claiming to be one useless
“Constituted Authority”, that is the sorry state we have found ourselves as a people.it
is time we rise up and say NO to this injustice. We can no longer continue to
continue this way, things has to improve, the suffering is becoming unbearable
for the masses, the government need to reposition and live up to expectations.

On final note, we as citizens also have our roles to play, and the role is to
keep government on its toes, we need to rise up and say NO, enough is enough.”
He who does not protest against evil is really cooperating with it”, it is time
for a revolution, a massive revolution. I so submit

Article originally written by Adebayo
Jesutola( Tolajay) for isongbeat.com