7 steps on how to overcome stage fright as artiste

Are you an Artiste and still battling to please your fans on stage? follow these 7 simple steps to help you overcome stage fright.

1. Practice makes perfect.
Practice and figure yourself with a mirror alone at your home, you can dress up with your kits inwhich you plan to wear for your performance on your show day.  Close your eyes and visualize yourself in front of a multitude with only you on stage trying to cheer them up with your music.

2. Find your swag.
Creating a unique sense of swag can go a long way to boasting your stage presence. I mean an artist without swag is like a soup without salt. Your swag is like your ego,  it will act as a catalyst for your stage performance.

3. Go with your artist friends
If you still lack confidence in yourself, you might need to visit your show with your friends who are also artists. The reason might differ,  but they can also act as confident boaster, by cheering you up while on stage when things seems to go wrong. Imagine you are on stage and fans seems not to click with your music,  that’s when your artist friends comes in to ignite the passion.

4. Do not take alcohol to boast your confidence.
Getting high so to face your fear is not a good option for an artist. It is rather better to take fruit juice to help lower your blood pressure. Imagine that you found yourself in a situation where non of your usual highness is available and you are becon to do a quick performance in an impromptu show.  What will you do? Would you start running around to look for your usual stuff to sort yourself out before you are up.  I mean before then, the show might be over.

5. Do some exercise
Exercising at least for 30 minutes few days to your show will help alot.  Exercise will reduce anxiety, tension and will get your endorphin going.

6. Have a little conversation with your fans.
Having a little fun chat with your fans when you come on stage will reduce tension. It will help you measure their response when you create a little conversation with them before you start your performance.

7. Imagine your favorite artist on stage.
Putting yourself in the Image of your favorite artist, probably mimicking him or her in few ways will help in boasting your stage presence. Instead of looking at the faces of both the ugly and beautiful which in turn might affect your performance.

The above mentioned steps will definitely help you overcome stage fright. Feel free to add yours on the comments box below.