Reach more than 300,000 music lovers monthly. Upload your content on our platform, use the form below or contact our PRO via WhatsApp on: +2348095669975.
Email: [email protected].

Terms and Conditions:

Make sure you have a well design cover art to go along with the song you are about to submit.
Make sure that files sent to us by you are solely yours and not a copyrighted property.

Below are the packages we offer for our music promos.

Basic 1 - N2000 per track
Songs uploaded under this category will be published only on our website and may not be shared on our social handles.

Basic 2 - N4000 per track
Songs uploaded on this category will be published on our website and also will be shared on all our social media platforms including our Youtube page.

Standard - N7000 per track

Songs uploaded on this category will acquire all the benefits of Basic 2, and we will also forwards songs on this category to 15(fifteen) of other entertainment websites affiliated to us.

Premium - N10,000 per track

Under this package, we will stick your song on the homepage of our website for week, we will generate banner and a snippet video of your song and post it on all our social media handles. This package also acquire all the benefits of both Basic 2 and the Standard package.

Album/EP package - N15,000

If you want to promote more than 5(five) tracks at once on our platform, then this is the package for you. Under this package you will have all the benefits of our Premium package at a great discount @ just N15,000. (Note: if you promoting your album send us a mail on [email protected] for details on you should send us your tracks, as the form below is mend for single tracks submissions only)

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