Kiss Daniel Explains The line “Uncle Stop Touching” On His Song “Yeba”

Nigerian singer, Kiss Daniel has come in to explain that his hit song ‘Yeba’ is not promoting sexual assault.

Over the weekend, there were reports flying around that the song “Yeba” by Kiss Daniel is a song that supports rape.

However, the singer on Saturday via his twitter page said the song contrary to reports advised men to yield to a lady’s refusal of sex rather than force her.

According to him, the song teaches young ladies to speak up against unconsented sex.

He wrote “The song teaches our ladies to speak out against what they haven’t consented to and for men o realise that if a lady says No, it means No to sex.

“Apologise and don’t go further, hence the reply by the guy…’sorry madam.’‎

“The fact that a lady agrees to dance with you doesn’t translate to sexual consent.”

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