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VIV'S STORIES: My Class Teacher Episode 15 (Last Episode)

My Class Teacher
Episode 15{last episode}

They later went back home after two days, and he got to register for his exam and took it with others and luckily he passed and since there was no money for jamb and college, he decided to stay back and work, Three years after he started working, he got his own shop, where he sold building materials.
One day he came back from his shop and lay down on his bed when his sister ran into his room and sat down beside him still breathing hard.

Elvis: what's wrong?

Cynthia: what have you done?

Elvis: what did i do?(confused)

Cynthia: you're going to be a father?!

Margaret: what!?(walks in, she was coming to check on him when she heard that)

Elvis: what do you mean?

Cynthia: mummy, his girlfriend is pregnant!

Margaret: which of them?

Elvis: Mum how many do i have?!

Margaret: who knows?(Anita quietly walked into his room)

Anita: Cynthia?

Margaret: is it true?

Anita: yes ma.

Margaret: Elvis?

Elvis: mum it was unexpected.

Margaret: what were you expecting when you had sex without protection?

Anita: i warned him.

Elvis: must you bring that up?

Anita: i will, i must bring it up, i warned you and told you that this might happen and we're not married yet and you didn't listen to me.

Elvis: did we use the so called protection the first time we did it?

Anita: that was unexpected.

Elvis: this is also unexpected, so we just have to get married and keep it (smiles).

Anita: stop smiling!

Margaret: i was going to bring up the marriage topic after you guys are through with the argument.

Cynthia: so my brother will get married before me?(frowns)

Elvis: its not our fault that you keep on dumping your boyfriend.

Cynthia: shut up!

Margaret: let's talk about this tomorrow with your parents Anita.

Anita: my parents are traveling to the village tomorrow and i don't think they will come back again.

Margaret: we'll talk before they live.

Anita: okay then, Cynthia come and stay with me.

Elvis: i should be the one staying with you.

Anita: i don't want you to!(she left with Cynthia)

They got married after one month and she gave birth to her first child and daughter.......


Hope you loved it?

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