Okay guys, after trying a lot of possible ways on how I can sell my beats online from Nigeria without too much hassle, I decided to share this.

Can you actually make money from selling beats online?
My Answer will be Yes! You can make a lot of money from just selling instrumental online.

How do I Start
It is very easy to begin. First you must have a large collection of instrumentals produced by you, at-least 20 and above. Why does number matter? It matters in the sense that, you can't just do one beat and want to sale. Artistes or your buyers will want to see how diverse you are, how many previous beat you've done, how good are you or how many song have you produced. This is an aspect of market value that your potential buyer can never bypass. So you must announce yourself by probably dishing out free beats, building up your name at same time making people want more of your style of beats and gathering reviews from people which in-turn will help you find ways of improvement.

The moment you begin to see positive reviews from the free beats you've been dishing out, then you can now begin to sell some. At this point in time; you have build up some fan base and a name for yourself which is gonna help your market value. Beginning to sell your beats will now become a much easier task.

How & Where Do I Sell My Beats?
Okay, this is a very important one. Determining what platform you should use for displaying your portfolio is very vital. Reasons be that; some platforms will boast your sales, while some will not. Now i will be very honest about this! In my course of trying to sell my beats have i tried so many beat selling sites. Some favours Nigerians and while some favours only developed countries. I have use one particular site before of which i am not going to mention the name, after i had few sales and wanted to withdraw my money, it became a problem. Why! because their payout system did not work in some countries, including Nigeria. This might be a different case for people living in other countries, but nevertheless it all depends on which location you are. 

The most popular platforms you can use and has worked for so many people in the past years are YouTube, Soundcloud, ReverbNation, Beat Stars, and using your own personal website.

Now, I might not have enough strength to explain deeply about all of them, but let me start with YoutTube. 

Using YouTube is the best and easy way of selling your beats, in the sense that it is free, easy to use and will help you in terms of driving traffic to your content once you use a perfect YouTube keyword. It will also provide you with that payment flexibility, making you control how your buyers pay you.

Soundcloud, Reverbnation and Beat Stars, are also good platforms for selling not only beats, but also your music. These platforms have good and convenient payment system for the buyers and also the seller making it easier for transactions to occur within minutes. Apart from that, they all offer maximum sound protection, making it hard for anybody to steal your content without paying for it.

Using your own personal website.
It is also a good idea to have your own personal website where you share you content. This will make your potential customer easily browse through your portfolio in one place and give them more insight about your creativity, drawing them even more closer to you.

How Do I Market My Beats ?
I would recommend doing an advert online. How? Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc all have options where you can pay to boast your posts. You can create a profile page for your brand, share your content on these platforms and boast your posts to reach more audience. Another interesting part about boasting your posts is that it will give you options to choose your target audience.

How Do I Receive Payments ?
Note that selling beats online means that you are going to be dealing with diverse currency all over the world.
Why I talk about payment system is because it plays a vital role in the course of your transactions.
You should make plans on a convenient payment system. Meaning! you should first consider that your potential clients can be from anywhere, any country, any language or state. The most important thing a potential buyer will have on his mind is how trustworthy and how safe is your payment system. We all know that most popular payment platforms in the world such as Paypal, Skrill, etc do not accept receiving funds in Nigeria and some other developing countries. In my case it has been one of a major challenge to me especially if you are selling your beats via YouTube or personal blog, but nevertheless there are other hundreds of international payment systems you could use. My top choice will be Western Union, Payza or Payoneer, these are also secure payment platforms you can use as ways of receiving funds from your client all over the world.

So fellas, there you have it, what do you think? What has been your experience? feel free to share it using the comment box below.

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