Every artiste's dreams to see his or herself grow their music career to its pinnacle. Truth be told, for you to achieve this, it is not going to be a day job. Developing your career as an artiste takes time, money and sacrifices.

Let's look through this one after the other:

1.      Consider Expenses Carefully:
As we all know; you use money to make money, expenses plays a vital role, yes! But how you manage it, is important. You wouldn't want to spend your whole savings just to push your career. Know that money can go a long way to put you there, but it is also a gamble, be careful how you spend, at the same time monitor your music reviews and know what step to take next.

2.      Create Opportunity For Yourself:
Contrary to what the vast majority of people falsely believe, opportunity is never ‘given’ to musicians. Opportunity is created by musicians who have the right mindset, add value & reduce risks for the other side. If you want to build and sustain a successful music career, then it is suicidal to depend on & wait for others in the music industry to ‘give you’ opportunity… You must be proactive and create opportunity for yourself and others around you.

3.      Know That No One Is Competing With You:
You probably think the world is filled with competitors and that in order for you to experience your own success in the music industry, you must ‘beat the competition’. The truth is, you don’t really have any competition. Most musicians will eliminate themselves from music career opportunities because they don’t know about or do the critical things. Once you become truly valuable, the music industry WILL want you, no matter how many other talented people are also trying to achieve the same things you are.

4.      You Don't Have To Be Great:
The music industry does NOT look for great music to sell - or even great musicians.... Record companies, managers, promoters and big successful bands (who might hire you) look for great 'people' who can also create good music. What this means for you is, you need to prove yourself to be rock solid in three key areas (beyond your music) in order to put yourself at the top of the list.

You need to show people and companies in the music industry that any relationship between you and them will be a great the best possible investment for them. You do this by adding lots of value and reducing risks to the other side. Most musicians aren’t aware of this and/or don’t even try. There are lots of ways you can do both of these things once you learn what they are, how they work and how to implement them.

5.      Work Harder When Results Start Yielding:
Getting your ‘foot in the door’ is the primary focus of most musicians seeking a career in music. They think once they are in, they will stay in, or their career will be built on the music they’re creating. This myth is the surest way to get yourself thrown out the same door you just got your foot into. To become a successful professional musician, you must have a strategy that gets you ‘into the music business’, ‘keeps you in the music business’ and ‘makes both you AND everyone around you thrive in the music business’. Until and unless you have that, the chance of developing a successful music career is basically zero.

Article Credits: Wisdom Isong, Tomhess

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