KCee Opens Up On How He And His Brother E-money Became Wealthy

Following speculation that Kcee‘s and his brother, E-Money‘s wealth are ill gotten, the singer says they are not into any criminal activity.

In a new interview with Net TV, singer KCee opens up on how he and his brother E-money became wealthy, his current projects, setting standards in the Nigerian music industry and more.

He said:

We grew up in Ajegunle, but we worked hard for the money,’ ‘E-Money was my manager, but he decided to branch out to real estate and here we are.

Kcee went on to tell critics to focus on making their money instead of focusing on how he and his brother made theirs.
‘Instead of people asking how did he make his money, you all should think of how you will make your money.
‘We are not doing anything illegal, we have not duped anybody, or kidnapped anybody like that man

[Post Credit: Stargist.com]

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