Harrysong exit his record label "Five Star Music" and unveils a new music company "Alter Plate"

Harrysong spits out a bitter truth on why he has left his record label "Five Star Music". He said the one of the reason he decided to exit his record label is because they lack appreciation.

After his contract expired, he made an utmost decision not to renew his contract. The Delta state born singer revealed this on an interview with Planet TV.

He also said that while he was with his label he did virtually most of the job which included song writing, vocal coaching and music directing and complained that upon all his effort to his label, yet it was not appreciated.

He quoted “Your helping someone who knows nothing and the person is feeling like he is helping you.

He cleared the air that “ALTER PLATE” is not a record label but his music company.

Watch the interview below:

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