Everyday, new artists springs out both in Africa and other continents, the truth still remains that most of them won’t even make out of the box if they can’t:

1. Study the beat tempo:
In most cases I have come across many artists who could not sing or follow the sequence and timing of a beat. They tend to go faster or slower than the beat itself. These attribute may be cause by nervousness in the studio or people around them. That’s why each time i make an instrumental for my artists, i propel them to take it home and rehearse to get along with the beat’s tempo.

The most effective way of following any beat is my clapping along with the metronome. Just Imagine when you clap your hands in church, the same goes with metronome. Once you can do this; then the rest is just easy piss.

2. Master the lyrics:
Your lyrics should match up with every bar/line of a beat. Intro, chorus, verses and bridges in beats are segmented into bars.
these bars are segmented into columns. Four columns coordinates a bar, which
means every line of your lyrics must fall into these columns. once the lines of your lyrics is more than the measured bars, it means you have exceeded the
number of words that the column/ bar could contain.

Try to write your lyrics according to the numbers of columns and bars on the beat. Never try to do a freestyle on virtually every beat you lay your hands on, (only do a freestyle if the need arises) but rather learn to write and sequence the lyrics down.

3. Find the rhythm:
As a musician you need to learn to keep a steady beat, It is
otherwise known as the sense of time. Some artists naturally understands
the sense of time.

You need to be able find and feel
the beat without relying on another person. Your internal creativity needs
to be different from someone else.

Never try to follow a similar rhythm from another artist, but rather try to create a different rhythmic expression, at same time keeping it steady on a good sense of time.

4. Nurture your voice: 
As a musician, you must train your voice.
You can start by doing a basic breathing exercise of breathing in and out using your mouth until your lungs are completely empty. After this you can start a singing scale to warm up your voice in order to get adapted to the key and notes.

Avoid oily foods, drink a lot warm water continuously for a week before your next recording session.

These are just few but vital points on how to sing well on any beat.

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