I have been into beat making for couple of years now, if I am to compare myself to when I started; I will say there’s a great improvement. 

Over the past years I have accumulated new ideas time to time which has help me grow in beat making. Even up till now I still have those beats I made from the day I started production; I still laugh at myself anytime I play them; I can imagine how much improvement I have gained till date. 

I remember the joy of making my first instrumental; I quickly rushed to my friend’s house to show him, he laughed furiously at me and said it sounded like a Nokia 3310 ringtone. As a human I felt discouraged, but never gave up. I kept on trying and making research on how to make quality instrumental; Thanks to Youtube and other music production blogs all over the world, I was able to gather meaningful ideas.

These days, I get questions like; “How do you make your beat sounds so good? What sound card are you using? Do you use other plugins? Are you using Windows or Mac?” but the truth is that it might not even come down to any of the questions above.

Presently I don’t use a sound card to make my beat, but yet still it sounds well mixed, mastered and balance. The secret is your understanding about the kind of genre of music you are producing, the loops, percussion, and sounds that should be used for such genre, and then mixing and balancing.

I have worked in a studio when a certain producer came in to pay for a session to produce his artist. At first he was asking me, what is the name of your sound card, I answered Focus rite Scarlet 2i4, he asked again how many octave is my piano, do I have plugins like Morphine, Purity, Nexus, etc. and bunch of other unnecessary question which he could have easily checked and confirm by himself. And then he started making the beat. He was just punching off keys on the keyboard while the artist was singing F. On completion it was just wack. Not only did the beat sound off, it was also distorted, because he ended up turning the output volume of the mixer to the maximum just to impress the artist.

Before you venture into beat production, there are basic things you must learn first.

  1. You have to learn how to play the piano or at least understand the basic keys and synthesis
  2.  You must undertake mixing and mastering course from a professional.
  3. You must possess some level of creativity yourself.

Since I started beat making, I have not prioritize my productions on using a sound card, because I went through the above mentioned three steps at the course of my career. It is only a priority to use a sound card only if you are doing a recording session.

These days 70% of the Nigerian artist wants to produce, but the truth remains that not all artists are mend to be producers and vice versa. 

The secret to making a good, mixed instrumental is in the hands of those who are understands music itself, and not those who wants to do it because of firm.
Article from isongbeat

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