Looking at the rate of new artiste springing out in population every day throughout the world including Africa and Nigeria especially, you will agree with me that 10 to 20% of these guys will only grow to become superstars like Jay z, Chris-brown, etc  and probably win a Grammy and other top awards. In as-much as the dream of every Artiste is  to grow and someday  become a superstar, the truth still remains that most artiste won't get to that height if they don't put the following into consideration.

It is a primary factor that if you want to attain success in life you have to be hardworking. For an artiste to make it out from the streets into a good record label, a lot of things have to be put in place. You have to stay realistic and focus, building a bridge doesn't take one day. Being hardworking requires you to work on your stuff with a relentless effort.
You must inculcate the habit of sacrificing pleasure for hard-work and should not be carried away by things that wouldn't contribute positively to your music career. You must rather devote time to come out with a good and quality stuff.

Most Artiste jump into music without making proper research about it. As an artiste, there are certain things you must put in place before getting that dream contract of being signed up by a reputable record label. These things ranges from hitting up yourself on social platform, gathering up massive likes, fans, sales, downloads on your content. No record label will invest in a bad artiste, so you've got to brace yourself and be ready for the game.

Now our day’s artistes are fun of copying lyrical contents from other established artiste especially in Nigeria. While many of them keep repeating same words they’ve used before in their previous releases. This doesn’t speak well of a kind of song that would get you Grammys, neither does it speak well about your creativity as an artiste.
Your lyric is you and it is your creativity, and it is the main factor labels look after when sourcing for artistes.
For you to be competitive, your lyrics and your delivery has to be on point, unique and outstanding.

Creativity is the most essential part in music, every artiste most possess uniqueness in their craft of work. Strive to do a kind of music that has not been done before, try to invent new style or even new genre that has not been invented.  If you do this right, you will be surprise with the kind fans and label that will be hitting up at you in a short period of time.

Another essential mistake artiste make is that they pay less to expect big. A typical Nigerian artiste will want his producer to do a beat like Don Jazzy, Masterkraft, Selebobo, and wouldn’t have enough money to pay for that. How do you expect your producer to put more effort on your work when you cannot pay for his effort? I mean before your song will sound top notch, it is a primary factor that you have to pay more to get the best. There is no two ways about it. Any good track has to pass through processes, starting from the beat being well mixed and mastered, the acapella has to be properly mixed as well, and then the mastering also has to be done properly or by a professional.
If you truly want the best for yourself and your fans, then you have to do more for them. It is not about the number of songs that you’ve done; rather it is about the quality of those songs. It is better to do one track that sounds good, than doing twenty tracks that sound wacky.

There are very good singers, rappers, songwriters, etc; most of them lack confidence in themselves. They become easily intimidated by their folks or a fellow artiste.
Some of them will just give up on music after being criticized, while some will be discouraged by their close friends and family members. Music is spiritual and it requires a lot of faith from you as the artiste. If you don’t believe in yourself, then who will? You have to be courageous and determined. You have to train yourself on how to manage stage fright, train yourself on how to speak well and create the desired connection your fans are seeking when performing on stage. As an artiste you should be able light a flame when you are doing your thing.

Being consistent is very important for an artiste. Probably you’ve got your first hit and your song is getting massive airplays on radio stations. Now what’s next? Would just sit back, have fun, tour countries and clubs, and sex the most beautiful girl in the world. It will only take few months before another hardworking artiste takes the hit away from you if you don’t buckle up.
Being consistent requires that you must keep working harder on how to release more exciting songs to keep your fans. It is hard to gather fans, but might be a lot harder to get them back of you lose them to another artiste. At this point, you must increase your level of creativity to one hundred and ten percent.

These are few but vital points why most artistes don’t become big superstars in their career. Some factors might even be spiritual, yes! Spiritual, that is to say that you also need prayers and a little bit of luck. Reaching the limelight is not a day’s job so you need to be patient and keep working hard.  If you want to be successful in life, you have to keep working hard until the day you die. Even people that are rich don’t stop hustling. Why? Because the day you stop hustling, is the day you start become broke again.

So my fellow artiste, I want to thank you for taking your time to read this article. I pray that every person reading this will only grow higher and higher in their career.

I don’t have much to say again than wishing you good luck.

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