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Iyanya tours U.S.A

In case you didn't know, the Nigerian music superstar Iyanya is recording his first tour in the United States of America.

Iyanya is well known of his Kukere dance style of music, which did exposed him to Africa and the world at large.

Below are list of cities and dates he will be touring:

CITIES                                                 DATES
Atlanta                                                   May 28th 2016
Portland                                                 May 29th 2016
Washington DC                                     June 4th 2016
North Carolina                                      June 11th 2016
Boston                                                   June 17th 2016
Iowa                                                      June 18th 2016
Los Angeles                                          June 25th 2016
Dallas                                                    July 1st 2016
Chicago                                                 July 3rd 2016
Houston                                                 July 4th 2016
New York                                               July 22nd 2016

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